Powered by Naturama

Naturama Green Planet brings powerful Naturama cleaning products for the professional to the market, safe for humans, animals and environment. Greenlife has succeeded to make the same cleaning power available for consumers. To make the consumer also a little bit professional.

Cleaning with industrial power

Cleaning means “remove dirt“. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Dirt can be very sticky, and once you get it separated from the surface to clean, you have to remove it in a way that it does not stick to other unwanted places.

In common, cleaning products help you to solve these two problems. They separate the dirt from the surface and they contain the dirt in a way that you can rinse it off. Strong cleaning products can use aggressive methods to get the job done, usually recognisable by the warning signs on the label. Depending on the encapsulation of the dirt, the residu after cleaning will still contain dirt, just like the wastewater. This wastewater will release dirt like grease in the sewer. Grease in the residu can result in for example slippery floors.

Industrial cleaning does is not necessary equal to aggressive cleaning products, that are dangerous to animals and the people working with it. The chemical engineers that developed Naturama created a range of products that do the job by cutting the grease related dirt molecules into smaller molecules. This means that the sticky parts of the dirt are gone. The sewer stays clean and the residu on surfaces will never make it slippery. Naturama is a very strong cleaner, but also harmless to people and animals.

Powered by Naturama breaks the myth that “natural” doesn’t work and industrial strength is bad for the environment.